Further praise received for Knowsley Children’s Services

We are so proud of the feedback we have received over the last three months – feedback we have received from our highest priority: Children’s Services users.

  • A Lead Special Educational Needs (SEN) Officer, has been thanked for her support for a parent and the support plan for her son. The resident says that she is “over the moon for this support.

  • A Social Worker in Children’s Social Care, has received a compliment from a resident who she is supporting. The resident says that the Social Worker “listens to me and always explains to me what the next steps are in the plan. I feel totally respected and not judged. I am grateful for all of the support I am receiving.

  • Our Family First team has been thanked for the ‘amazing support’ over the last few years which has really helped the family.

  • A Children’s Social Care Social Worker has received a card saying their Social Worker “is such an inspirational person” and thanking her for the support provided to a family.

  • Our Family First team has been thanked by a parent for the support provided to her and her daughter and she commented “thank you for giving my girl her happiness back.”

  • Keeping with Family First, a Social Worker has been thanked for the “best support” a resident has ever received.

  • A Social Worker in Children’s Social Care has received a compliment from a resident who said “you are the best social worker the children have had.”

  • A Social Worker in Children’s Social Care has received a compliment about the way she handled a case – the resident felt that she had been listened to and, as a result, was more responsive in receiving support.

  • We have been prioritising the services we provide to support children, young people and their families with Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities. As part of this work, the Council and Knowsley Clinical Commissioning Group has been reviewing the neurodevelopment pathway assessment, through which local families have been experiencing long waiting times for assessments. We have provided additional resources to address waiting times and a parent has taken the time to thank us for her son’s assessment, stating that the family can see “real changes and the work you are doing is really coming through.”

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