Many of our social workers recently attended a number of workshops with focused on learning from Serious Case Reviews. Their learning has been shared with colleagues across the workforce.

‘The Child’s World’

The training was titled ‘The Child’s World’, and the presenters included Professor Simon Hackett (Professor of Child Abuse and Neglect in the Department of Sociology at Durham University) and Professor Sarah Brown (Professor of Forensic Psychology at the Faculty Research Centre for Advances in Behavioural Science at Coventry University)

The circumstances affecting an unborn child can be identified and a range of support for both mother and baby are part of the assessment process. The assessment process and pathway to follow were covered as part of the high risk pregnant women workshop.

Another workshop covered the world of the child, equipping social workers with the theories of development of a child from early years, through adolescence and their transition to adulthood.

Providing invaluable learning – and gaining positive feedback

Serious Case Reviews provide invaluable learning about processes and procedures involving a child which can help professionals to improve the way they work together to safeguarding children and prevent similar incidents (serious harm, abuse, neglect) from occurring.

Feedback from the workshops was extremely positive and learning from others and sharing best practice is an invaluable learning tool to help improve service delivery.

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