In Knowsley, everything we do with children and families should be delivered to the highest standard. In order to do this, we work to the ‘Social Work Practice Standards’, understood and prioritised by everyone who works within this service.

Why are the Social Work Practice Standards important?

They are important because they detail the minimum service or practice that a child and their family can expect from a Knowsley social worker. They give everyone a baseline to aim for and then exceed. We want – and must – give children and families the best service and the best outcomes. The standards help us know how to do that consistently.

What are the standards?

Where can I see the standards?

You can view and download copies of the standards below, please make sure you have an application that can view PDFs (like Adobe)

Who can you speak to about the standards?

If you need to speak to anyone about the standards please contact Tracey Overs, who is the Principal Social Worker in Knowsley.

We want to hear from you – how are you demonstrating excellent service or best practice in the work you do with children and families? Tweet us at @KnowSocialWork.