Under Social Work England, every social worker is now required to complete a record of their CPD on the Social Work England website.

The registration renewal cycle is annual (in September-November), so social workers must record at least one piece of CPD demonstrating that they have met all of the CPD standard 4. From 1 September until 30 November 2021, social workers who wish to continue to practice must renew their registration.

User details have been brought over from the HCPC site and social workers just need to activate this by logging onto Social Work England. For social workers to be able to renew their social work registration, they must have uploaded at least one CPD record.

If any social worker has not submitted any CPD by the deadline on 30 November 2021 they will be contacted by Social Work England and if they fail to produce this in a further 21 days, they risk being removed from the register and would need to apply and pay to restore their registration. You must also inform your Team Manager/Head of Service as soon as possible.

selection of 2.5% of social workers will have their CPD reviewed with the outcomes either being ‘accepted’ or ‘further assessment.’ If further assessment is required, Social Work England will contact Social Workers to let them know why and what they need to do.