A series of virtual events will mark this year’s Social Work Week 8 – 12 March.

Cheshire and Merseyside Social Work Teaching Partnership has organised a week-long series of online events bringing together thought-provoking speakers, workshops, debates, discussions, and well-being drop-ins.

Here are the details of the one-hour sessions:

12 – 1pm, 8 March: Thinking about you as a social worker – your wellbeing, who is checking in on you. Sharing ideas. Speaker, Kate Collier from Self Care Psychology Ltd.

12 – 1pm, 9 March: Thinking about your learning and development – what are you doing to continue to learn and develop during these unusual times? How can you capture this? Speaker Matthew Devlin, Social Work England representative.

2 – 3pm, 10 March: Thinking about Supervision – how is it happening? Sharing ideas of how it can happen. Speaker, Siobhan Maclean.

12 – 1pm, 11 March: Thinking about your success in Practice – A celebration of what social workers are doing. Sharing this practice for all. Speakers, Integrated Social Worker role MNSW student and Stephen Quinn (10 mins); The Journey, ASYE (10 mins), Experienced Social Worker Helen Taylor (10 mins)

12 – 1pm, 12 March: Thinking about the future of your Learning – How are we currently learning? Is online learning the way forward. Benefits and disadvantages of how we are learning. Speakers, Michael Beeston, Tom Woods, Jackie Sweeney, all from Warrington Borough Council.

To register your attendance at any of these sessions, please visit: CMSWTP – Social Work Week 8-12 March 2021 Registration (onlinesurveys.ac.uk)

Social Work Week 2021 is for anyone with an interest in social work in England, including people with lived experience, education providers and stakeholder organisations. The Social Work England website also features a programme of events visit: www.socialworkengland.org.uk