Knowsley has adopted ‘Signs of Safety’ as its practice framework.

The framework is being used across the whole of Children’s Social Care and partner agencies.

You can now download the guidance document which sets out the practice expectations across Children’s Social Care, so that everyone is clear about what good Signs of Safety practice looks like in Knowsley, and everyone knows what is expected of them.

This document has been produced following Signs of Safety training being undertaken by the majority of staff and has been produced in consultation
with staff in different service areas to make sure it is relevant, clear and applicable to all staff.

It is important to remember that whilst Signs of Safety is the practice framework that Knowsley has adopted, this does not negate the statutory
duties that we have. Signs of Safety is there to support practitioners to carry out their statutory duties in a way that brings to life the principles
of the Children Act 1989, specifically that those involved in providing services should work ‘in partnership’ with families and children who may
be in need.

To this end it should be noted that Knowsley no longer refer to families and children as ‘cases’. The terms family, parents, carers and children
should be used. In Knowsley, we believe people are people, not ‘cases’ or ICS numbers.

You can also download the Signs of Safety Agency briefing.