If you have been out of social work practice for less than two years then you will have been automatically re-registered with Social Work England. If you decide not to opt-out, you can return to practice in councils to help communities through the Covid-19 outbreak. We also welcome expressions of interest from registered social workers currently out of work or based in another sector.

Social workers’ contribution to supporting people and communities has never been more important than it is today. The Covid-19 outbreak is impacting millions of people, and social workers will play a vital role in helping them through these unprecedented times.

Social Work England has received a positive response to their urgent appeal to bring former social workers back to the frontline to support the local response to Covid-19.

temporary register of former professionals is now live, paving the way for people to return to practice during this national emergency to support individuals and local communities in great need.

In partnership with Social Work England, the Department for Education and the Department for Health and Social Care, the Local Government Association is delighted to announce this next step in the process to connect those offering their expertise to local employers.

If you have been automatically re-registered with Social Work England and want to return to work, complete this expression of interest to help us understand how best to match your skills to where they are most needed. If you are a registered social worker working in another sector or not currently in employment, then you are also welcome to express your interest here.

To complete an expression of interest, please visit the Local Government Association website.

For technical queries related to the website, please contact the LGA. For all other queries please contact the Department for Education. You can also download our Frequently Asked Questions.

We thank you for expressing an interest in returning to practice at such a difficult time. Your support will make more of a difference than ever before.