We think that working in Knowsley’s Children’s Social Care provides great opportunities as well as offering the best support and services for our children, young people and their families, but don’t just take our word for it! Below is a range of compliments received from those we support.

The “best” management and assessment required to deliver excellence in Children’s social care services

“The best piece of work I have seen from social services.”

This praise was from regarding the support provided within Children’s Social Care – and came from a member of staff from Denbighshire Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) who has had 17 years working in a multi-agency environment. They highlighted Knowsley’s management and subsequent assessment of a young girl as “the best”

Excellent support delivery from adoption services practitioners

One of Adoption in Merseyside (AiM) social workers has been described as

“going the extra mile”

in helping to keep two sisters together. The family say that they are lucky that the social worker has been such an amazing part of their lives and that she is a credit to the profession.

Another AiM compliment has been received about a social worker who has been working with a family for the last 18 months in an adoption support capacity with the family writing in to thank the support from a

“fantastic Social Worker”

Keeping with an adoption theme, another social worker has supported a couple throughout their adoption process. They say that they feel

“truly blessed”

with the support from their social worker because she has been open and honest with them, she has exceeded their expectations, and she made their adoption process easy.

Praise from the Children and Family Court Advisory Support Service

We have received an email from CAFCASS (the Children and Family Court Advisory Support Service) thanking one of our social workers in one of our Looked After Children teams. CAFCASS was extremely impressed with the quality of work and complimented our social worker on keeping them informed of work being done.

Compliments received for the Child Protection team

Our Quality Assurance Unit has been complimented on how a member of the team chaired a recent Child Protection Conference, managing some challenges and clearly outlining the rationale for the plan.

Keeping with Child Protection, a social worker has been supporting a family which has resulted in the child no longer being the subject of a Child Protection Plan. The parents couldn’t praise the social worker enough and particularly thanked her for her honesty, reliability and taking the time to listen to them.

The parents say that the social worker

“has given us our life back”

Praise from both fellow professionals and the families they work with

The work of two social workers in our Young Person’s Team has recently been praised by a Judge, who recognised the work that had gone into searching a placement for a young person.

A resident has thanked a social worker who has only been working with their daughter for five weeks, but they had seen more improvement in those five weeks than in the last year, stating that the social worker is a

“credit to social workers”

Another social worker has been working with a family for just three weeks and the family stated that they had received more help in those three weeks, and had more involvement around discussions about their children, than they had in years from other local authorities who had been working with the family.