Community Response Integrated Service

Older woman making a phone call at home

The Community Response Integrated Service consists of three teams with different functions but have the ethos of supporting someone in their own home to ensure we avoid hospital admissions, reduce long term care needs and a facilitate rapid discharges from hospital.

The teams consist of the following services:

  • Reablement
  • Urgent Crisis Response
  • Rapid Response

Reablement Service

Provides short-term care and support for those returning to independent living following an illness or injury.  People can be referred to the team from a community or hospital setting if they have reablement goals that can be achieved with short term support.

Urgent Crisis Response

The main function of the service is to prevent hospital admission caused by clinical problem or a social care issue, by providing a rapid assessment to identify what support or services the person would need to be provided to enable them to stay at home.

The Rapid Response Team

Provides short term (maximum 5 day) domiciliary support to people experiencing a crisis, for example a recent hospital admission, decline in mobility or carer breakdown.  The team can also support overnight with short calls to carry out specific care tasks or check welfare.