Emergency Duty Service

Older woman making a phone call at home

The principal responsibility of the Emergency Duty Service (EDS) is to respond to out of hours referrals where intervention from the local authority is required to complete an assessment under the Mental Health Act 1983 as amended 2007, the need to urgently safeguard a vulnerable adult in the Knowsley area, where it would not be safe, appropriate or lawful to delay that intervention to the next working day.

The EDS may also deal with referrals, which are not assessed as emergencies but where delay before intervention by day staff could cause deterioration in the welfare or safety of the subject of the referral therefore meeting the local authorities’ statutory duty to aim to prevent the onset of additional needs developing.

The Emergency Duty Team (EDT) respond to out of hours referrals when it would not be safe for the intervention to wait until the next working day.  They are a team made up of experienced social workers, Approved Mental Health Professionals and senior management that work on rota basis to provide on call support.