Knowsley Adult Provider Services

Adult Provider Services are the in-house delivery for Adult Social Care and is made up of four different services:

  • Adult Disability Day Services
  • Respite
  • Supported Living
  • Shared Lives

Adult Disability Day Services

The Adult Disability Service provides support for people aged 18 plus with learning disabilities, autism, sensory needs, or physical disabilities within six activity bases across the borough. The service has been re-designed to focus on supporting those with the most complex needs, using a person-centred approach which meets the assessed needs, interests, and aspirations of the individual being supported. The service facilitates and enables access to a range of opportunities and leisure-based activities to meet the needs and aspirations of each person. The service works with internal and external social care, health and community partners and is developing its services which support young people with relevant needs, to transition into an adult day service.

Supported Living

Supported Living provides twenty-four-hour support across 19 properties in the borough. The service meets the needs of adults aged 18 plus with learning disabilities, autism, sensory needs, or physical disabilities. It is moving towards a greater focus on meeting the needs of the most complex adults, including those with complex health needs. Dependent upon availability, placements are either in shared or single accommodation and through the assessment process, careful matching for suitability is undertaken. The adults supported in the service, are enabled to access their communities and activities of interest, maintaining relationships with family, friends and those close to them.

Respite Services

The Adult Respite Service provides planned and emergency respite across twenty-four hours, for people aged 18 plus with learning disabilities, autism, sensory needs, or physical disabilities. Nine beds are available across two locations in the borough, and of these, five are suitable for those who require accessible accommodation. There is an agreed admissions criteria for access to a single emergency bed, and where this is required, it is expected that placements should be for as short a time as feasible and be tracked and managed by the assessing social worker. The service works closely with the Council’s children’s respite provision, to facilitate and enable the transition of young people from children’s to adult respite.

Shared Lives

The Shared Lives Service recruits’ carers to enable people with care and support needs in Knowsley to live in a paid carer’s home as part of their family. The Shared Lives team will match individuals with carers and also monitor the ongoing placement including service quality. Shared Lives supports people with learning disabilities, including young adults in transition; those with lower-level mental health conditions; physical disabilities; sensory needs and those who have dementia. People who need long-term arrangements as well as individuals accessing short breaks or respite are supported.