Mental Health Team

Our specialist Mental Health Team works with adults with care and support needs who are also open to Secondary Mental Health Services.  Referrals for our Mental Health Services come from Mental Health Hospital Wards and from Secondary Mental Health Services. Referrals for Mental Health Act Assessments come to the First Response Team via clinical Mental Health Teams, a person’s GP, or their nearest relative.

Our Mental Health Social Workers work closely with inpatient mental health services, and attend weekly ward rounds in mental health hospitals.  The Mental Health Team support hospital discharge for patients being discharged from Mental Health hospitals and they undertake their own reviews (including scheduled and targeted) separate from those undertaken by the Adult Social Care Review Team.

There are also a number of Approved Mental Health Practitioners (AMHPs), working in other Adult Social Care teams who support the Mental Health Duty function each day and also as part of the Adult Social Care Emergency Duty Team (EDT) covering evenings, overnight and weekends.