Whole Life Commissioning Team

Older woman making a phone call at home

Where it is the appropriate response to meet an adult’s assessed need, Knowsley Adult Social Care Whole Life Commissioning Team ensure that there are a range of high-quality services available in the borough to meet needs and support good outcomes for Knowsley residents.

Outcomes for the Whole Life Commissioning Team include:

  • Meeting the statutory requirements of the Care Act – ensuring that the outcomes of the Act and the needs of residents are effectively met.
  • Ensuring early intervention and prevention is considered at the forefront of design and commissioning of services to reduce demand and the need for more costly health and social care services.
  • Enabling sustainable markets – this includes ensuring quality, affordability, and capacity of the markets as well as value for money. Delivering differently through co-production is also linked to the delivery of this.

The majority of Adult Social Care services are delivered by external providers. The priorities are derived from the Market Positioning Statement, this provides analysis of the local social care market and the intentions of Knowsley Council in regard to future commissioning of services.

The team works collaboratively with many key partners e.g., Knowsley Council, ICB and third sector colleagues in its approach to the design, commissioning, and delivery of high-quality cost-effective services to meet the current, ongoing and emerging demand of residents.

Examples of some the service models commissioned in Knowsley include: