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I know myself that I have been bombarded with an enormous amount of resources, packs, information, checklist, questionnaires, risk assessments, forms etc, etc….so I’m not going to do a lengthy list  and go on about things in detail. Instead, here is a list of links that RIP has developed in relation to Covid-19 – some are practical and useful, and will help evidencing risk assessment that we are all currently completing:

Research in practice

Virtual contact between children and their birth families during ‘lockdown’: unexpected opportunities

This is a practical look at the positives and opportunities of indirect contact, providing some practical suggestions as well as being honest about the barriers and issues. There is also a link to a webinar on the same subject, as we all love a webinar!

Young people facing risk outside the home: exploring the implications of Covid-19

This article focuses on the risks posed to our children from the side effects of the lock down, including CE, CSE, and trafficking following the lockdown, as well as the risk increased poverty that could see an increase in criminals capitalising on the increased vulnerability. It’s written by Dez Holmes so it’s a pretty good read and also throws in some useful references to theory for CE and CSE Assessments.

Domestic abuse in the coronavirus epidemic

This is to the point, not a heavy read, with lots of links to practical resources for safety planning, support and further reading. There’s some good practice already in place in Knowsley regarding safe words and the use of an object as a discrete warning or to make Social Workers aware of an increased risk, that has been utilised.

RIP policy update

(all available to access online)

  • MPs launch inquiry into the impact of Covid-19 on children’s services
  • Advice and resources for dealing with the Covid-19 emergency
  • National review of serious case reviews where criminal exploitation was a factor
  • A new campaign to stop under-18s being placed in semi-independent or independent accommodation
  • Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) reports on the risks to children posed by the internet and social media
  • IICSA also reports on survivors’ experiences of trying to access their childhood records
  • An evaluation of local authority and provider experiences of the Adoption Support Fund
  • Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health publishes State of Child Health 2020, including findings in relation to children in care

Research Summary – April 2020

This month’s focus is on social work in disaster zone’s and crisis and the disproportionate impact on the most vulnerable in society. Each research paper has been summarised and the best references and links have been included. Just click the link and it takes you to the list of this month’s research summaries.:

Training and webinars

Book club

No book club this month, I couldn’t find an appropriate book on post-apocalyptic social work but I will keep looking.

Next month

Initially this month’s focus was going to contextual safeguarding, but the current situation took priority, so all being well next month I will do this next month. I will also have the book review of the county lines book that I have three copies of – if anyone wants one let me know.