• Mobile technology has transformed Children’s Social Care work with Knowsley being one of the first local authorities in the region to issue social workers with tablets and smart phones – giving you access to all the information you need whilst you are out and about and freeing up your time to support children, young people and families. The devices have also been an invaluable way for social workers to interact with children and ensure their views are captured.  Specially designed apps and programmes for young people allow them to record their thoughts and feelings directly onto the tablet.

  • Knowsley’s use of mobile technology has been recognised as best practice by both the Northwest Sector led Improvement Group as well as the Chair of the Knowsley Children’s Services Improvement Board.

  • Skype has also been used in an adoption case where the adoptive parents lived in Australia. The use of technology enabled an initial assessment to be carried out quickly, otherwise it would have had to been carried out through the Borders Agency taking around 12 weeks at a cost of approximately £3,000.  Skype also enabled the couple to keep in contact with the child they were adopting.